I’ve been taking stunt man classes for about 8 months now. I found out about the class through a girl I was dating. Me and the girl didn’t work out, but the class sure is.

Every Sunday from 6-8 I go to Crenshaw Athletics and work out with Richard Hancock and whoever else shows up. Richard is an awesome guy who has been doing gymnastics for 40 years and stunt work for 30. He is the real deal. His imdb page is a mile long and full of awesome action.

The class is a lot of fun. The first 1/2 hour is general aerobic warm up, with fake punches and general gymnastic skills. That leads into the middle hour of skills training. Depending on the week we will do jerks, fight choreography, gymnastics training, fall training, big falls or who knows what else. The last half hour is always a brutal crossfit style workout. Everyone in the class is awesome, friendly, playful and helpful. I know that if I want to learn anything, I can go up to whoever it is knows how to do it and ask, and they will attempt to show me.

I figured out a long time ago that I can’t workout just for the sake of working out. Fitness for me has to be towards a purpose and interesting, or I loose interest really quickly. This is totally fitting the bill.

Check out some of my pictures from stunt class: http://www.nathanblackphotography.com/Sports/Stunt-Class/

If you want to come join us, check out the facebook page for the Austin Stunt Class




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