My friend Dave A. said this about me when he was helping convince Dicky to take me on a cruise to the Bahamas:

One more thing to consider, Dicky. There is joy, there is suffering, and in between there is nothing, which is not so bad, it is peaceful even, but it is also unremarkable. Not making the right choice doesn’t necessarily make you one who unnecessarily brings suffering into the world. But, it does make you less good than someone who realizes and acts upon the great joy that would be created through your selection of Nathan Black as your adventure companion. I have traveled with this man. And I would travel with him again.

I think that stickers were my gateway to tattoos. The idea of modular customization of a plain notebook leads to the same for the body. Remember those sticker books? They were like coloring books but with a pack of stickers.

I’m pretty sure that’s where I got started.

I love SxSW. Everyone is in love with Austin. People are hopeful. Their band or movie or app is great and is going to hit it big and make them tons of money. Everyone is high or drunk or just fucked a stranger. The sun is shining, the weather is perfect and it just feels great. All the girls are beautiful and the boys are showing off. SxSW is the great Austin bait-and-switch.

Closing in on two years of underemployment. My unemployment ran out back in February. I’m applying for just about any job I’m vaguely qualified for, but not getting a lot of bites. I’ve had interviews, even a few second interviews, but nothing past that.

It is hard to keep showing enthusiasm in interviews after being turned down for so many jobs. Another brush-off couched in neutered corporate-speak. Bland and perfectly inoffensive. Keep an eye on our website for future opportunities. Or worse, we would love to hire you but we don’t actually have funding for that position. Or the requirements have changed. Great.

Do I have a passion for quality software? Fuck no. How is that a job requirement? Do I want to work on something that doesn’t suck? Sure. But a passion? No. Your website/app/game isn’t going to be the messiah coming down from the heavens to solve the world’s problems. I will work hard to polish it’s rough edges, but come on. I’m a professional, not a zealot.

And I get it. We probably wouldn’t work out in the long run. You are looking for a deep specialist, and I’m a wide generalist. A great guy to talk to at a party, but hard to pin down in a job. I’ve worked at a lot of places for short amounts of time. I haven’t worked in tech for two years and last time I did I was more of a manager than a worker.

I get it. I’m just hungry and tired of scraping by.

Hey friends,

I hope this finds you in good health and happy times. I’m writing because I’m looking for work and putting the word out to friends that have helped me out in the past. Things have been threadbare lately and I’m maintaining, but I’d like get back to being a little further ahead of the ball.

I am putting my intentions out into the world, and hard on the job hunt trail, but I’m running into a lot of close misses. I feel like I’m making good connections in phone interviews, but failing somewhere past those first few people. I know part of the problem is my scattered work history and eclectic selection of tech jobs. I’m not an easy person to pigeonhole or describe, like an album by Firewater, I don’t entirely fit a single genre or description. I feel like my diverse background makes me a useful person to hire because I bring a very different and wide perspective, but it is hard to express that on a resume.

All the references/recommendations on my linkedIn ( are positive and reflect the “Nathan is awesome to work with” but that is a hard thing to brag about in an interview without sounding like an ass.

I’m starting to get glib on my cover letters, but I don’t know what else to do. I am really frustrated with the whole process. I’ve been told four times that the interviewers loved me, but the position doesn’t actually have funding, or doesn’t exist.

Any advice or leads would be appreciated. I’m looking for contract QA, any kind of small team management, or that guy on stage that plays tambourine and dances. I’m a Problem Solver and a general all-around Bad Ass.

I’m working on reworking my resume, let me know if you want a copy when I’m done, should be later this week.


PS – check out the latest Firewater album, The Golden Hour, you won’t be disappointed, a great listen from beginning to end.

There comes a time in all vanity websites lifecycles where you just have to say, “Man, I haven’t done shit with this in at least a year. Might as well start over-ish.” And there you are, sitting in a coffee shop, avoiding working on projects that are more pressing.

A fresh page.
Scraps of the previous site.
Deleting old posts about a project that never saw the light of day.
Half-hearted updates to the “About” page.
A new wordpress theme.

One new post.

Yes, that time has come.

Now I’m going to go buy some new pants.

A graveyard for skaters. As sections get filled up they get paved over and a skatepark is built up over the remains. Make a mixed use graveyard. Engraved names on the decks of the obstacles commemorating the people that have gone into making the park possible.

Possible slogans:

  • Why stop skating when you die?
  • No Grave but the POOL
  • No escape from the grind

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Hot Texas Nights: Ok, I know this one is kind of cheating. I thought we were supposed to start on Thursday for some reason, so I did my first self portrait then. I’ve been thinking a lot about the style embodied in Noir film, and this is an attempt to capture that style. The lighting… Continue reading