As I left the house on this unseasonably cold day, I came across this talisman, perfectly arrayed.

I know I’m out of the ordinary in Austin. I love the South by Southwest festival. It is a lot of hard work and there are a lot of extra people, many of which feel entitled just by being here and/or paying a lot of money for a badge.

I love it though. The weather is beautiful, everyone is excited to be in Austin and excited about Austin. Everyone you run into out in the street is drunk, high, hung over, or just had sex with a stranger. It is madness and mayhem and everyone thinks they are special. The out of towners, the locals all have their sense of entitlement. They either paid for priviledge or can’t get into the bars they go to all the time. It is an amazing time to be in Austin.


Working at the Legendary White Swan. Money is wearing thin on this round of unemployment. With SxSW coming up I should have a bit more money coming in, and a lot of opportunities for street photography. Might try and pull some street corner portraiture.

Being a bouncer is strange because it is a job you want to be boring. If it isn’t boring, usually something has gone wrong.

Today it just flowed. My 17 year old cat, Miss Henry, treed another cat who had intruded into my yard. She chased the intruder 20 feet straight up a tree. I knew I couldn’t do anything to assist her decent, so I went for my camera. Wrong lens, wrong settings for the situation. But I flew through the motions of grabbing the camera, switching the lens, setting it up as I walked back out the door. I was able to capture 15 frames, of which two or three were good. Between concept and execution there was no thought, just shifting through the motions to get the shot. I was free of the needs of the camera and just able to concentrate on the moment.