So, Boneboys was my first stunt role. I was on set for a total of three days and got to body double one of the leads. It was definitely a learning experience.

Mostly I learned that movie work is a lot of waiting followed by brief flurries of action.

Other than patience I learned:

  • On set etiquette
  • On set gun safety etiquette
  • Good stunt men are the most careful people on set. They want to be physically capable of doing their jobs as long as possible. Bad stunt guys only think about getting themselves into a bigger stunt. 
  • It is possible to cover my forearm tattoos with enough makeup to be fine on camera. And it only takes about a half an hour.
  • Most dangerous: I learned that standing on top of police cars is fun
  • Be present, be ready to go. Don’t complain, don’t get in the way, and don’t leave without your lead’s permission/knowledge.


I need to add the following to my ‘Stunt Bag’:

  • Back pad (called an armadillo or razor back for the series of plates that runs down your spine)
  • Hip pads (eventually)
  • Climbing harness
  • Variety of climbing pieces and some rope probably

I’d like to get into being the on set still photographer, but that requires a large money/equipment outlay. That setup requires:

  • Two camera bodys, maybe one at full frame
  • One fairly wide angle lens
  • A custom Sound blimp – a sound proof case for the wide angle lens + camera so the still camera’s shutter noise is imperceptible when sound is rolling.

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