Today it just flowed. My 17 year old cat, Miss Henry, treed another cat who had intruded into my yard. She chased the intruder 20 feet straight up a tree. I knew I couldn’t do anything to assist her decent, so I went for my camera. Wrong lens, wrong settings for the situation. But I flew through the motions of grabbing the camera, switching the lens, setting it up as I walked back out the door. I was able to capture 15 frames, of which two or three were good. Between concept and execution there was no thought, just shifting through the motions to get the shot. I was free of the needs of the camera and just able to concentrate on the moment.




This blog is about my life. I know every blog sort of is, but the sole content of this is to make notes about the life I lead and post anecdotes about my experience.

I’ve spent years behind desks working in the tech industry and testing and making video games. I’m between jobs right now, and honestly, this is when I’m happiest. I am much better with money when I don’t have any. I enjoy the fruits of having a flexible life. It gives me the opportunity to say yes to what ever may come up.

In previous bouts of “under-employment” I’ve traveled the country, driven giant neon signs cross country, worked in bars, visited Burning Man, taken up photography, skating, boxing, zazen, stunt work and spent a lot of time bumming around the town.

I’m a friendly guy, gregarious even, but I fight social anxiety and self doubt. I have a lot of acquaintances, but I let very few people in close. However, if you ask the questions, I’m likely to tell you about anything you want to know.

I have been talking to some of my friends who are smart creative types, and all of them have told me to start making notes about my experiences. Since they each mentioned it to me independently, I figured it couldn’t hurt. If it is interesting to them, maybe it could be interesting to other people.

So, hello, my name is Nathan Black, and this is my life.