About Nathan Black

Ah, you know. I do stuff and stuff. Read the site, it'll fill you in on the rest.

A graveyard for skaters. As sections get filled up they get paved over and a skatepark is built up over the remains. Make a mixed use graveyard. Engraved names on the decks of the obstacles commemorating the people that have gone into making the park possible.

Possible slogans:

  • Why stop skating when you die?
  • No Grave but the POOL
  • No escape from the grind

  This weekend was the Austin celebration of the Procession of the Species. A wonderful variety of creatures showed up to tromp around the East side of town.┬áSee the whole gallery

The First Sigil I saw.

This was the first Sigil I saw. It was just sitting there in the Bookpeople parking lot as I went to my truck. It looked like a crest from a fairy tale. A symbol of strange civilizations long faded from this world. I felt self conscious looking at it. Like I had been told a secret in a public place and had to conceal my reaction.